Epic Investigators of the Paranormal

Best known for scoring a victory on Zak Bagan's " paranormal investigation , Waverly Hills Edition" (season 1, episode 6), EPIC is a team based along the shores of Lake Erie in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland. The Erie Paranormal Investigators Community (also known as "The Haunted Housewives") is a non-profit group of investigators that bring a fresh perspective to the paranormal community.

Paranormal Challenge is one of my favorite shows!! I have followed the exploits of the Haunted Housewives ever since their victory on the July 22, 2011 episode. The creation of this site was also in 2011, perhaps as a result of their exposure on the Paranormal Challenge. Eventually the domain expired. When I discovered it was available I bought it will the goal of recreating the original site with archived pages. I also added additional information from other outside sources so this homage to the "The Haunted Housewives" would be more complete. If you are a fan of these intrepid women and of paranormal investigations, I hope you will enjoy.

I remember exactly what was happening in my life when I saw the Paranormal Challenge with Theresa, Darla, and Cathi. I had just returned from a meeting with an potential commercial customer to whom I was pitching janitorial supplies; specifically our commercial paper towels+ other paper products such as toilet paper and tissues. The company I work for, CleanItSupply, offers a vast selection of top quality, wholesale paper products and dispensers from trusted name brands such as Procter & Gamble, Kleenex, Cottonelle, Boardwalk, Windsoft, San Jamar, and Palmer, among others. I always tell clients that with the wide variety of wholesale paper products, dispensers and supplies, we offer, you can make us your one-stop shopping place for all of business needs. And by purchasing paper products in bulk your company will save money. Anyway, I had just returned from a hectic day and I needed a distraction, so I turned on the TV and there they (Theresa, Darla, and Cathi) were.

Below is my homage to THE EPIC TEAM!

With over 30 years of collective experience between them their goal is to take paranormal investigation to a higher level of authentication and credibility, offering a complete line of services at no cost to the client. Their results are proof that a balanced and professional team can promote positive outcomes that will further, not hinder, the field of paranormal investigation.

EPIC has enjoyed investigating many historically significant buildings in their home state of Ohio such as the Lake County History Center and Museum, the Ohio State Reformatory, the Prospect Place Mansion, the Anna Dean Farm, the Mansfield Seminary, the Lakeville GrainElevator, the Zoar Tavern, the Greenwood Farm, thePoasttown School, The Hermit Club, andFarnham Manor.

They have also investigated many iconic historical locationsall over the United States such as the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (WV), Jerome Grand Hotel (AZ), theHistoric Culver City Hotel , the infamous Queen Mary in Los Angeles, CARed Onion Saloon (AK) and the Lemp Mansion (MO), to name a few.

TheWaverly Hills Sanatorium (KY)was investigated by the EPIC team when they were featured on the Travel Channel's "Paranormal Challenge".



The EPIC team for the Travel Channel's "Paranormal Challenge" consisted of Theresa Argie, Cathi Weber, and Darla Spector.​

Theresa Argiebecame involved in the paranormal at a very early age. It wasn't until she became an adult that she began to express her fascination with the paranormal found she could actually have a career as a paranormal investigator. She has many years of experience in dealing with the world of spirits,ghosts, hauntings, as well as all other aspects of the paranormal world.

Cathi Weber,a well respected historian and storyteller ​whose interest in haunted locations and information regarding the paranormal in downtown Willoughby, Ohio has resulted in her becoming known as a local "ghost expert". She runs a local tour business called the Willoughby Ghost Walk.She is also the founder of the Willoughby Area Paranormal Education and Research Society. This a casual gathering of paranormal enthusiasts meets regularly to explore, learn about, and research the paranormal.

Darla Spector, a good friend of Theresa is a professional videographer who had always hada keen interest in Theresa's work in the paranormal. She started helping out at Theresa's GHOSTHUNTING 101 workshops. Since her skills as a professional videographer were an asset to the EPIC team, she was invited to becametheir "Equipment Tech".

Since their successful stint onTravel Channel's "Paranormal Challenge" theEpic Investigators of the paranormal​,Theresa Argie and Cathi Weber have remained together to continue their collaboration as "The Haunted Housewife". ​Their new website: http://www.hauntedhousewives.com/​,chronicles their adventures and allows folks to contact them fto find out when they are holding their next lecture or workshop. These two womenapply their own distinctive investigative techniques. If you are interested in contacting they will be sure tolisten carefully as you chronicle your current situation. After diligently researching your historic / present day property, they will expertly investigate any paranormal claims and activity, pursuing a creative solution to your problem(s), if requested.



The Epic Investigators, also known as the Haunted Housewives, have been featured frequently on cable, network and local television shows and news programs including:

  • The Marriage Ref/NBC April 2010
  • Paranormal State "Ghosts of the Forgotten"/A & E November 2010
  • Paranormal Challenge "Waverly Hills"/Travel Channel July 2011
  • Good Company Today/WKYC Cleveland October 2011
  • Action News at 11/WOIO Cleveland October 2011
  • My Ghost Story "Ghosts of Conviction"/BIO October 2012
  • Channel 3 News Sunday/WKYC Cleveland October 2012
  • Haunted Collector "Haunted Seminary"/SyFy May 2013
  • Channel 3 News at Sunrise/WKYC Cleveland September 2013
  • Live on Lakeside/WKYC Cleveland October 2013
  • Channel 3 News/WKYC Cleveland September 2014
  • Channel 5 News/WEWS Cleveland October 2014
  • HLN tv (CNN), The Morning Express  October 2014



More Background On The Epic Investigators

The Epic Investigators of the Paranormal, also known as EPIC, is a prominent team in the field of paranormal investigation, with a significant focus on utilizing scientific methods to understand and explain paranormal phenomena. EPIC stands out in the paranormal community for its dedication to scientific rigor and education, aiming to provide answers and explanations for perceived paranormal activity through mainstream scientific facts and theories before considering the possibility of the paranormal.

The team conducts thorough investigations for private clients and assists larger groups with their own investigations. Unlike recreational ghost hunting groups, EPIC's methodology is deeply rooted in scientific discovery and experimentation, seeking natural scientific explanations for reported phenomena. If a definitive scientific cause cannot be found, the team consults with experts in various fields to explore alternative explanations. Their members are committed to staying at the forefront of investigation techniques and theories, continuously updating their knowledge​​.

EPIC's services are diverse, catering to a wide range of clients including residential and tenant properties, business and retail establishments, commercial and corporate properties, industrial and manufacturing properties, facilities and institutions, historical and heritage properties, land and structures, as well as classified and confidential clientele. This wide-ranging clientele underscores the team's versatility and ability to handle various types of paranormal cases​​.

A unique aspect of EPIC is its commitment to providing their services free of charge, relying on donations for support. This approach allows them to assist a broader array of individuals and organizations, from homeowners experiencing unexplained phenomena to businesses and historical sites. They prioritize the search for reasonable and alternative explanations for the strange activity reported by their clients, implementing state-of-the-art equipment and technology along with methodical research and logical rationalization. When paranormal activity is confirmed, they aim to provide evidential proof and documentation, thereby assisting their clients in understanding and, if necessary, resolving the phenomena​​.

Moreover, EPIC emphasizes the importance of privacy and confidentiality in their investigations, ensuring that sensitive material, information, and evidence are handled with the utmost discretion. This pledge of confidentiality extends especially to classified, top-secret, and restricted-information clientele, further illustrating the professional standards EPIC adheres to in their investigative processes​​.

In conclusion, the Epic Investigators of the Paranormal (EPIC) embody a blend of scientific inquiry, educational outreach, and professional integrity in the realm of paranormal investigation. Their approach not only aids those directly experiencing paranormal phenomena but also contributes to the broader understanding of such occurrences within a scientific framework. Their dedication to providing free, professional services across a wide range of clients demonstrates a commendable commitment to both the field of paranormal investigation and the communities they serve.


Core Members

The core members of the Epic Investigators of the Paranormal, also known as "The Haunted Housewives," are Theresa Argie, Cathi Weber, and Darla Spector. Theresa Argie is a seasoned paranormal investigator, Cathi Weber is a respected historian and storyteller known as a local "ghost expert," and Darla Spector, a professional videographer, serves as their "Equipment Tech." Together, they aim to bring a higher level of authentication and credibility to paranormal investigation​​.



The Epic Investigators of the Paranormal, known for their significant win on Zak Bagan's "Paranormal Challenge, Waverly Hills Edition," have garnered popularity in the paranormal community. Their expertise has been showcased across various media platforms, including TV shows like "The Marriage Ref," "Paranormal State," "My Ghost Story," and appearances on news programs like Channel 3 News and HLN tv, enhancing their visibility and reputation as proficient paranormal investigators​​.



The Epic Investigators of the Paranormal cater to a diverse audience interested in the paranormal, including fans of paranormal investigation shows, those experiencing unexplained phenomena, and the general public curious about the supernatural. Their appearances on various television programs and news segments have broadened their appeal to a wide range of viewers, from dedicated paranormal enthusiasts to casual observers intrigued by ghost stories and historical hauntings.


Known For

The Epic Investigators of the Paranormal, also known as "The Haunted Housewives," are renowned for their victory on Zak Bagan's "Paranormal Challenge, Waverly Hills Edition." Their expertise and approach to paranormal investigation have earned them a reputation for bringing a higher level of authentication and credibility to the field. They are celebrated for their thorough and scientific approach to investigating paranormal phenomena and have been featured on numerous television shows and news programs.



The Epic Investigators of the Paranormal, also known as "The Haunted Housewives," are based along the shores of Lake Erie in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. This location serves as their home base from which they conduct their investigations into various historically significant buildings and iconic historical locations both within their home state of Ohio and across the United States.



The Epic Investigators of the Paranormal gained recognition after winning on Zak Bagan's "Paranormal Challenge, Waverly Hills Edition." Founded around 2011, possibly spurred by their TV exposure, they're based in Cleveland, Ohio. Known as "The Haunted Housewives," their history involves investigating numerous significant sites across Ohio and the U.S., aiming to bring authenticity and credibility to paranormal investigation. Their method combines scientific inquiry with a deep understanding of historical context, setting them apart in the field of paranormal research.


Press/Media Coverage

The Epic Investigators of the Paranormal have garnered significant press and media coverage through their appearances on various television shows and news programs. They've been featured on "The Marriage Ref," "Paranormal State," "Paranormal Challenge," "My Ghost Story," and several local news segments. These appearances have not only showcased their paranormal investigations but also highlighted their contributions to the field, enhancing their visibility and establishing them as reputable figures within the paranormal community.